Ultimate Baby Wrap

The Ultimate baby wrap infant carrier sling is one of the simplest to use and very comfortable baby carriers that are available. This has won the hearts and votes of all the mothers who find it convenient to carry their babies close to them by wearing the tiny tots in a sling.

Making Of The Baby Wrap
The Ultimate baby wrap carrier sling has a favorable design with a stretchy and long piece of fabric made of a combination of 5% Lycra and 95% cotton. You will find it very easy to wrap yourself up and fit your baby in.

Every baby wrap from Ultimate comes in their own drawstring pouch. On the front of the wrap, you will find a fabric pocket for carrying your credit cards. The pocket can also carry a diaper, in case your baby needs one while you are outside home.

The Advantage
The greatest benefit of having baby carriers is that you can always keep your hands free and go about doing your work, all the while being near your baby. You can work with a tension-free mind as you have your baby right in front of your eyes and so you will not need worrying for your child's safety.

The baby wrap carrier from Ultimate appears to be much more comfortable than other baby slings and carriers that are available. The Ultimate baby wrap is great for using as it distributes the weight of the baby without pulling at your shoulders and neck. This saves you of the neck, back and shoulder discomfort.

Ultimate baby wrap carrier being very versatile in nature can be worn in five different positions and is also strong enough to hold babies up to 3 years and 35 pounds. The five different positions are forward facing, nursing and sleeping, piggy bank, tummy to tummy and on your hip. These five natural positions cater to the different needs of the baby.

Why only moms, dads can also wear the Ultimate baby wrap and carry the baby around while busily engaged. This baby carrier also provides you the option of wearing a coat when strapping the baby carrier around your body.

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