Underwater Birth

Choosing when to give birth is something that we cannot decide for ourselves. However, it is up to us to choose where we want to give birth. It could be at home, in the hospital, at a birthing center, or even under water. The debate continues on whether underwater birth is good for the baby or not. Those in favor of this technique put forth some valid points. Underwater birth is proven to speed up labor, provide significant pain relief, reduces Caesarean section rates, minimizes the need for drugs and interventions, and gives the mother the flexibility of more positions during labor and delivery.

If you decide to have an underwater birth at home, you will need to consult with your doctor, midwife, and doula in order to make all the necessary arrangements for the arrival of your baby. Underwater birth has become popular the world over and one of the reasons behind this is research which points out that babies born in water develop at least six months faster than their counterparts in the first two years. They learn to walk, and talk faster than the other babies.

However, data to support this is very minimal and more research is ongoing on the subject. Other than the fact that you would be giving birth underwater, there would be no major differences between this and giving birth in a hospital. Medical assistance would be at hand and so would your spouse. If you wish so, you could also have a home video made of the entire proceedings quite easily for you to preserve as a keepsake. Underwater birth also seems to be catching on as a fad with quite a few celebrities opting for it in recent times. There are also special classes conducted by trained personnel targeted at those preparing for such a birth.

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