Vaginal Birth

There are two ways to deliver a baby. Expecting mothers will either experience a vaginal birth, or have a surgical procedure called a caesarean section. Delivering a baby vaginally is the safest way to bring a life into the world. Few complications are associated with a vaginal delivery, and mother and child can usually leave the hospital and return home within 24 - 48 hours. On the other hand, a caesarean or C-section involves risks. For example, there is always the chance of extreme blood loss with a C-section. Mother and child usually remain in the hospital for up to five days, and on rare occasions, some women have died during the procedure. For this reason, many physicians prefer a vaginal birth.

Even though there is no way to fully prepare for a vaginal birth, little techniques can help ease pain and nerves. For starters, pregnant women might consider accepting pain medications. Many expecting mothers attempt to deliver their babies without pain killers. Child birth involves intense pain. It's often described as the "worst pain imaginable," and feels like your body is being "ripped apart." Nonetheless, some women want to experience natural child birth and refuse medications. As the pain intensifies the majority of mother's breakdown and accept pain relievers.

If planning for a vaginal birth, another technique to prepare for delivery is to watch documentaries or videos of real child births. This way, you know what to expect. Many different situations can arise during labor and delivery. The baby might be positioned wrong inside the womb, or the cervix could dilate at a slow rate. Throughout this tense time physicians and nurses may use unfamiliar terms, which might cause the expecting mother to worry. However, the majority of complications are minor, routine, and easily fixable. Learning information about the vaginal birth process can prepare you for possible obstacles, and help ease your worries.

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