Vaginal Births

There are two basic kinds of childbirth: vaginal births and births via Caesarian section. The most common birthing type is vaginal births. Vaginal births are generally statistically safer to the mother than a Caesarian birth, mostly because the birthing process is more natural, and does not require any kind of surgical procedure. In essence, the baby is born directly through the vaginal cavity and delivered as normal with vaginal births. Most births take place in a hospital, where the mother is checked in as soon as she feels any signs of going into labor. Labor can last from a few short minutes to several hours. Other births take place in unconventional places in instances where the mother cannot be taken to a hospital in time. Some mothers choose to birth their children at home, and this is often done with the help of an in home nurse or midwife.

In most vaginal births, the baby comes out head first, but a small percentage of babies come out feet first which is known as breech birth. Usually the mother is given a dose of pain medication delivered through the spine known as an epidural. This is to help numb the mother from the waist down so that she feels less pain while in labor and while during delivery of the baby. For most women, if the baby is of normal weight, vaginal births are more likely. Women who are carrying their children further along than expected (also known as "late"), or women whose babies are slightly heavier or weigh more than expected will usually be subject to a Caesarian section. Many women prefer vaginal births because it allows for the event of childbirth to feel more natural, but this can only be determined by a medical professional, who will assess each individual situation separately.

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