Very Early Pregnancy Signs

When a woman becomes pregnant it can be one of the happiest times in her life, and it is also the beginning of a new life with the new baby on the way. When it is the first time a woman is pregnant she may not know the very early pregnancy signs and symptoms, so if you are trying to get pregnant these are a good thing to know and even if you are not trying to get pregnant these are still things all women should know to look out for as the very early pregnancy signs. The signs and symptoms may not be the same for every women, but usually all women will have one or two of these very early pregnancy signs. There are many occasions where you show some of these signs in your first pregnancy and have different early signs in a second pregnancy, which is actually quite common since your body is constantly changing.

For a Happy Pregnancy

One of the first very early pregnancy signs is a missed period, and this is one of the signs that will make you first think you may be pregnant and a reason to buy an at home pregnancy test to see if you may be pregnant.

Another one of the signs you will notice in the beginning of a pregnancy is tender and sore breasts, and sometimes your breasts will start to swell a bit early on. You may even start to experience this before your first missed period. Another one of the very early pregnancy signs is feeling fatigued and worn out all the time, and many times you may also start feeling nauseous and dizzy at different points throughout the day. Something else you may experience as an early sign of being pregnant is the need to urinate much more frequently than you are used to and you may also become much more irritable and experience mood swings or become very over emotional. A few other very early pregnancy signs could be that you start to feel slightly bloated, sometimes accompanied by constipation and lower back pain. If you begin to notice even a couple of these symptoms you should buy a disposable pregnancy test from your local pharmacy and if that indicates you are pregnant it is time to call your OB/GYN and make an appt to go have further tests done.

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