Water Birth

Many people do not understand what water birth is. It is really not that hard to understand. A woman simply sits in water while she labors and then she delivers her baby in the water. Many women chose to have a water birth. It is said to replicate the environment the baby is familiar with in the wombs. It is believed that a water birth is easier on the baby. A baby will simply go from one warm wet world into another.

Women who have had a water birth report that it is easier for them to relax. The water soothes them and they say they do not feel quite as stressed as they would if they were laboring in a bed. Sometimes the partner of the laboring woman will join her in the tub and hold her during labor. This is an added bonus to water birth.

Some people think that water birth is dangerous to the baby. The truth is that when babies are born they do not breathe right away. Plus, once the baby is delivered he is immediately pulled from the water and placed on his mother's chest.

Most any pregnant woman can choose to have a water birth. If her pregnancy is normal and she is not in a high risk category she can have a water birth. Most communities have places where women can have a water birth. Even some hospitals are equipped to allow the option of water birth. Women even have the option of laboring in water and delivering out of the water.

Women who are interested in water birth should talk with their doctors. Some doctors do perform water births. If they do not, they will generally have an attending physician or a mid-wife who can assist in the birth.

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