Ask the Doctor

It is imperative to ask the doctor every essential question, as it could be serious enough to decide between life and death. Especially in case of hospital risks, questions are key. However, latest researches show that there exists a communication gap between doctors and patients in most cases. Most patients commit this big blunder of not getting their doubts clarified and do not ask the doctor any questions whatsoever about their condition or treatment. Often the patients are seen to walk out of their doctor’s office without gathering when or how often to take their medication. Seldom do they care to ask the doctor about the side effects of the medicine.

Even in Emergency cases, it is essential for you to be prepared with the questions. Asking the right questions at the right time would also help the doctor's decision-making process. You need to know that the doctors are morally responsible to answer your queries directly and honestly. Ask the doctor if you need an extra test, take a second look or seek opinion from a senior about treatment or symptoms.

Some people are afraid of speaking; they do not question the doctor a second time even if they have not understood something. However, this would not help you any way. Those of you, who tend to forget, must write down the questions in a piece of paper before an appointment. Let the doctor know if you require more time. In case the doctor is busy, a physician assistant or a nurse may assist you.

Make sure that the questions that you ask the doctor are relevant. Here are some of the questions that you must ask:

  • Those with back pain without arthritis or injury must ask the cause of such pain
  • In case of a severe headache, inquire if its aneurism.
  • Those with a medical history of lingering flu need also to know what other problems they could face.
  • If there is a breast cancer scar with the mammogram being negative, ask the doctor whether ultra-sound would be viable.
  • If you had a chest pain, do not wait to know if it was a heart attack.
  • Those having a stroke must make sure the consequences before taking clot-busting drugs.
  • Never neglect a child acting strangely, ask the doctor whether it is because of a head injury.
  • When you suffer an abdominal pain, see if an abdominal CT scan and other tests are necessary
  • Those having an impaired vision should verify from the doctor if the new medications can be used.

At the same time, it is also important that the patient satisfactorily answers the questions asked by the doctor, as it is an important part of diagnosis. Lying to the doctor can lead to serious health risks.

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