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Maybe you’ve moved to a new part of the country. Or maybe you’ve always been healthy, and you’ve avoided finding a doctor.  Yet now, you need a doctor finder.   Whether you are seeking preventative care or have symptoms that need diagnosis, it is important to find the right doctor for you. Factors that you might consider include the doctor’s professional specialty, training, gender, availability, and rapport.

If you are trying to find a doctor because you are experiencing certain symptoms, you may need to find a specialist. In many cases, you will need to find a primary care physician first—someone who can refer you to the right specialist. In fact, once you have a good primary care physician, that person can be your best doctor finder for a specialist.

You can easily find out where your doctor went to medical school and even where he or she completed an undergraduate degree. This can sometimes help you form judgments about a doctor’s background. All doctors, of course, receive years and years of training, but sometimes it helps to know a little bit more.  You might also be able to find out if a doctor has received any particular awards or recognition in his or her field.

Gender can be an important factor when looking for a doctor. You may find that you are more comfortable or able to discuss problems more easily with a doctor who is the same gender as you.  Being able to confide in your doctor is important, and for some people, this might be easier with a doctor of the same gender.

Some of the best doctors may be booked! You should make sure that your doctor is available to accept new patients. Otherwise doctor finder tips will be of no use.

The most important factor of all doctor finder ideas is to find a doctor with whom you have a good rapport—someone who listens to you, spends time with you, and gives you the best possible medical attention.

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