Doctor Search

You probably already have a primary care physician. If not, you should probably start your doctor search today—contact your health insurance provider or a trusted family friend who can refer you to a good doctor.  Or, you might be considering changing your doctor; perhaps you are dissatisfied with your current level of care or you need a specialist. Making good choices in your doctor search is very important.

On the other hand, perhaps you are conducting a doctor search for a loved one—a young child who needs a pediatrician, or an older parent who needs a geriatric specialist. Regardless of the type of doctor you are looking for, it is important to consider some or all of the following factors.

You should consider the amount of time the doctor can spend with his or her patients. The health care system today unfortunately pressures doctors to spend shorter and shorter amounts of time with each patient, yet this causes the quality of medical care to suffer. It is important to ensure that the doctor really has time to listen to you and examine the patient, whether that patient is you, your child, or your elderly parent. 

Sometimes it is a good idea to see if your doctor’s office has an experienced nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners have had advanced training and their services overlap with services provided by doctors. Especially for preventative care, availability of an experienced nurse practitioner can be an element to consider in your doctor search.

You might also consider the physical environment of the doctor’s office; this can be an important clue to the standards he or she maintains. Does it seem well organized and comfortable? Are educational posters on the walls? Are healthcare brochures available? This indicates that patient education and comfort are priorities. Or do things seem haphazard? Is the staff harried? In a disorganized, rushed environment, you are less likely to receive the care that you need.  Trust your judgment when you are conducting a doctor search, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

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