Doctors Care

You need doctors care when you are sick and suffering. When a doctor receives specialized training in healing specific organs like heart, brain, skin etc. he or she receives licenses accordingly like cardiologist, dermatologist and so on. Universities award physicians with highest academic degrees and generally all knows them as doctors. In a medical school everyone cannot complete the course and qualify as a doctor.

You go for doctors care because you have the trust that the physician will save your life. Based on this trust at the beginning of the career, a doctor takes an oath (the hippocratial standards). It is a promise to meet ethical standards, a promise to preserve life, a promise to dedicate oneself in serving the patients and a promise not to compromise under market forces, societal pressures and administrative crisis.

A physician who provides doctors care has to be extremely workmanlike and caring. A doctor meant for primary care can be a family physician, a gynecologist, and a pediatrician for the kids. The doctor first evaluates your medical history and if required refers you to a specialist.

For the best doctor care you are to look for an efficient physician usually recommended by friends and families. However, you may also come to know the name of a doctor from the yellow pages and referral services from the hospitals.

You may also receive doctors care from a Primary Care Physician or PCP who educates a patient regarding various ailment conditions and also ensures long lasting physiological well being of the patient. A PCP does not have a specialization in a particular field of doctor care like neurology, pulmonology or cardiology nor does he performs a surgery.

What role does a primary care physician play? They perform on behalf of the patient to interact with referral specialists, coordinates and systematizes the care given by several organizations like hospitals or rehabilitation clinics, plays the part of an inclusive depository of the various records of the patients and make arrangements for the superior control of chronic disabled conditions. Patients with diabetes and hypertension too receive utmost doctor care from primary care physicians.

There are different primary care physicians – family practice doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists and pediatricians. A primary care physician can take care of common illnesses and enables you to live in peace and comfort.

The approach of primary care physicians is non-invasive and recommends prescription medications to sooth pain and inflammation. Primary care physicians also provide assistance to physical therapists for the purpose of managing a wide range of body movements and toning of the body muscles. 

In short, doctor care is not just the medical treatment given by a physician – it is in fact the concern of the physician for the well being of the entire human race.

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