Family Doctor

It is not just about health and medication; you share years of trust and dependence with your family doctor. The person has great responsibility on his shoulders – he is the caretaker of the overall physiological well being of all the members of your family. At times of medical emergency the first person who comes to your mind is you family doctor, for he knows you personally. All your health related decisions lie with him and if required he will refer you to other doctors for your hasty recovery and fitness.

You need a doctor when you are sick. This is not always the truth. Your family doctor may guide you to stay healthy and avoid all possible ailments equipped with a regime. He will tell you about personal hygiene, cleanliness of the environment and several precautionary measures for your overall physiological well-being.

Are you in search of a family doctor? If so then you can surely use various online services like “Find a Doctor” to locate a family physician close to your house. On doing so, you get a list of doctors and to know more about them you should call their offices to satisfy all possible queries. What are the things you should inquire?

  • The hours of the office
  • The total number of doctors in practice
  • The doctors are attached to which hospitals or health care agencies
  • Will the doctors accept your insurance      

After you are able to decide which family doctor you are to consult, you should fix an appointment with him so that you can talk to him in details and inform him about all your physiological complexities. Keep certain points in mind while conversing with the doctor, like:

  • See that the doctor answers all your questions 
  • Take time and ask the family physician everything you would like to know
  • You should feel comfortable while speaking to the doctor
  • Ask for explanations about which you have doubt and apprehension

Building a relationship with a family doctor is not so easy. It takes time to have trust in the individual. The difference between a usual physician and a family doctor is that the latter needs to complete formal education and training in matters of family practice. The job description of a family physician, is similar to any regular physician, and involves:

  • Treating very serious ailments
  • Helping in creating health awareness among people of all ages
  • Taking care of hospitalized patients
  • Performing surgeries and taking care of delivery cases
  • Providing solutions to common illnesses

To bring about a hike in career and experience, a family physician must go through constant learning and he should also sit for several competency tests. Remember, the well being of your health depends upon the efficacy and experience of the family doctor.

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