Medical Procedures and Doctors

If you are ill, it can be tempting to go online and self-diagnose, obsessing over every forum or website about your symptoms.  This can be comforting emotionally, but it is far more constructive to use this time to learn about medical procedures and doctors from a trusted source—a medical professional! It is especially important to contact your doctor immediately if you have particularly painful or persistent symptoms.

 If you are attempting to self-diagnose, it is important to remember that you might not have even heard of a possible medical condition. Your doctor herself is the best person to contact if you have questions about medical procedures and doctors. She can consider your case on an individual basis, and she may ask you questions about symptoms that you haven’t considered.  Finding online information from non-doctors is no substitute for information from a medical expert who can treat you as an individual human being. 

You may find conflicting information and be unsure of the appropriate course of action to take.  Again, this is a reason to make sure that you contact your doctor in person.  If you don’t have a doctor, this may seem daunting, but there are many trusted ways to find out about medical procedures and doctors in your area.  You might consider the following options: You could contact your health insurance provider to obtain doctor recommendations; or, you could get recommendations from family or friends who are happy with their doctors; or, you could seek reference information at your local library that would help you find the best doctors in your area. (You might not be sure where to start looking, but reference librarians are always happy to help you find the information you need). It is important to find a trusted medical professional who will help you, as an individual, with information about medical procedures and doctors.  When you find a good doctor, he or she will also be able to refer you to other medical specialists as needed.

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