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The Alberta health care system has a very positive ambiance. The provincial government has been providing the funds to ensure that the programs, technology and facilities are of standard. The funding and legislation of the Alberta Health and Wellness requires more than a third of the provincial government budget.

In the year 2005, the Alberta Health and Wellness had received more than $700 million in its programs. This huge sum of money had made a great difference to the Alberta health care system in the province. In the year 2006, an Alberta Children's Hospital has been newly opened, having 129 beds and with the capacity to accommodate 60,000 visits each year. Two more hospitals are presently under construction and are scheduled to be operative in 2007 and 2008.

Alberta is also investing in medical research and the Alberta Research Council in Canada is providing the research, advisory and development services. The Alberta Cancer Board manages the cancer research, treatment, prevention and education programs in Alberta.

The health care benefits
The Alberta health care system has incorporated medical technologies like ultra sound scanners and CT. The province has nine regions for managing the delivery of health care in hospitals, community health services, continuing care facilities and public health.

The employment facilities
Apart from the health care facilities, two of the largest regions in the province, the Calgary Health Region and the Capital Health Region in Edmonton also boasts to be the largest employers. The health care job opportunities provide part-time, full-time and casual employment of different shifts. There are also options of being transferred within or outside the region. The Alberta health care professionals operate in multi-functional teams. The mentoring programs are found in certain regions. A number of the disciplines have a professional or educational development allowance for enabling the members to remain present by attending conferences, lectures and upgrading.

The Alberta health care services
Alberta's health care system has a range of services on the offer. If the patients or their family members have any complaints or concern regarding the treatment or service, they have the provision of addressing the concern directly with the involved organization or the service provider.

There are also facilities of discussing your concern with the other bodies, like the professional association, which has the health professional as its member or Alberta's Ombudsman.

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