Emotional Health

There are many different ways that people can look at emotional health. Some doctors equate both emotional and mental health as the same thing, and essentially it is. There are people who find that their emotional health can vary from healthy to shaky, depending on their moods and what they are going through. Still others cannot control their emotional health due to circumstances beyond their control such as a chemical imbalance. There are several things that people can do for themselves in order to be sure their emotional health is in check. Sometimes, just taking time out for oneself and meditating or relaxing works. A nice book and a cup of hot tea will be sufficient for some. Still others may need medication to help keep their emotional health in balance. Sometimes, an event can really be a triggering effect on emotional health such as a traumatic experience or the death of a loved one. This can have staggering affects on everyone involved.

There are many different elements that humans need in their lives in order to ensure good emotional health. Perhaps the most important of these is friendship and love. Without loved ones in our lives, we can feel depressed and lonely. Surrounding yourself with friends and family and knowing you have someone to turn to is a big help for one’s emotional health. There are physical elements to emotional health as well such as getting proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise. These are very important when it comes to ensuring that you are happy and healthy. Other things that can have a real affect on emotional health include creativity, work/career life, and having a sense of gender or even cultural identity. It can be difficult sometimes to find a balance in life but when it comes to your emotional health, it’s important to try and combine as many positive things as possible.

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