Florida Health Solution

The state of Florida has developed and released a program that is meant to act as a Florida health solution for children less than 19 years of age and for children that are uninsured. There are four parts to the program and once you apply the administrators will review your application and put your application through to the correct facet of the program. In order to be eligible for this program the parents or legal guardian (including grandparents) of the child has to be a resident of the state of Florida

This Florida health solution is meant to provide better medical coverage and services to uninsured children. No child should have to go without needed medical care if they are not insured. If your child meets all of the eligibility requirements there is no cost compared to some other insurance plans that have monthly premiums.

There are other non-profit organizations that provide a Florida health solution to children in need. Some of these plans are focused on children with special needs to help ease the cost of high medical bills that these children’s parents could be faced with (with our without insurance). In addition to insurance availability as a health solution for children there are still more organizations that conduct research. Their mission is to find a better way to treat childhood illnesses or even better, cure them. The goal for these types of organizations, just like the parents is to make our children as healthy as possible.

No child should go without health care because of availability or cost. The Florida health solution for children provides a way that no child has to go without either health insurance to eligible families or for a small monthly premium. If you are not a United States citizen but have been residing in Florida for a minimum of five year you still may qualify for one of the programs.

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