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Today health and fitness go hand in hand. It is unarguably a global truth that obesity has become one of the major health problems of this century. In fact, these days every other person you come across has become a health freak.

Now, one of the most common question people come up with is how to achieve the desired health and fitness level? The most satisfactory answer to it is taking in fewer calories and burning them within the same 24-hour period.

Abrupt and fast calorie reduction, however, will make the body weak; moreover, you will also be feeling hungry. Keeping about the fitness-factor in mind, calorie reduction has to be done slowly in order to have a successful weight loss.

You will also need to incorporate physical activity in your health and fitness regimen in order to lose weight. There are many ways that you can increase your fitness level. Going to the gym is certainly one of them. If you do not like hitting the gym, workout at home or run on the treadmill while watching your favorite TV show. All you need to do is being physically active. Nevertheless, nothing beats a 30-minute brisk walk in the open air for an effective health and fitness regime. Walking is one of the best activities considered for burning calories and keeping you healthy. You increase the speed and duration of your walk gradually; try to make it a little more extensive by including jogging.

People who are badly over-weight, can also resort to mild exercises but only after consulting the doctor. Latest researches have proved that a proper health and fitness plan play a great positive impact on almost all the diseases. Whether it is Yoga or physiotherapy, exercises can free human beings from diseases. Broadly, exercises can be classified in three main categories – flexibility exercise, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercises. Flexible exercise includes the activity such as stretching, which improves the range of movement of muscles and joints. Aerobic exercises include running, cycling, walking etc. Aerobic exercises concentrate on increasing the cardiovascular endurance. Anaerobic exercises are exercises those increase the short-term muscles strength. This includes weight training, sprinting and functional training.

Now that exercise options have been discussed, we now move to the food department, which needs to be stressed equally for health and fitness. Start by doing a calorie calculation to your current calorie intake and then reduce it by 250 to 500 calories a day. Make sure you are not reducing it by more than 500 calories or the body will go into the starvation mode. Of course, if the daily activity level is considerably high, then calorie-intake will need to be increased as well.

Remember to make exercise a priority. Check your erratic lifestyle and behaviors for the success of the health and fitness program.

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