Health and Safety

Health and safety are things that go hand-in-hand, even when you are dealing with a baby. This is especially true whenever it comes to preventing your baby from drowning within your home. Of course, a lot of the tips that have to do with this health and safety issue are common sense. Nevertheless, you should still be reminded of these things. So, here they are:

1.You should never leave a baby alone in the bathtub even for a moment. You should also not allow a young child to take care of your baby without being in the same room.

2.You should never consider your baby's bath seat to substitute for you being present because this is an aid, not a safety item. It is also important for you not to use this item in a non-skid, slip-resistant bathtub because the suction cups cannot adhere to the bathtub's surface.

3.You should never leave a bucket with liquid in it unattended, regardless as to whether you are outside or inside. Instead, make sure that they are placed wherever they cannot be reached whenever they are not in use.

4.You should make sure that there are safety covers and barriers in place to keep your baby from getting into a spa or hot tub whenever you are not using them. It is recommended that you do not use a non-rigid solar cover as a baby can still slip through there.

5.You should always keep your toilet's lid down. You may even want to put a latch on your bathroom door so that your baby cannot get in there without you.

Another important health and safety point here is to learn CPR. This can save your baby's life whenever you only have seconds on your side. If you know anyone else who has a baby, make sure that you share these tips to health and safety with them as well.

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