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We are an informed society, and are very interested in our health we can keep up to date on the latest discoveries, treatments and diseases through health articles. There are many ways to get access to different health articles. Trade magazines are available that may be specifically for doctors or that focus on one facet of a disease or field of study. Consumer magazines are published and often contain general health articles on new statistics or testing available.

The biggest resource to find health articles is online. Many well-known articles are archived on popular websites and there are countless others that you will only find online. Many well-known organizations will have a catalog our library of health articles to read, some will require subscription (paid or not) while others are free to the general public.

The biggest benefit to reading health articles is gaining information. If you have been diagnoses with a type of cancer, do as much reading as you can and write down all of your questions or concerns that you find. Once you have completed this step, bring your list to a doctor and discuss the contents. It is important that you do not take any measures that are suggested in a health article without first discussing it with your doctor. Most times, health articles are not exhaustive on the subject, your doctor will have all the information that is needed and how it pertains to you specifically.

You may find health articles with contradictory information. This is because different professionals will have different interpretations on study results or they could be based on different studies entirely. Read and inform yourself about health articles but don’t let them be your only source of information. Your health professional is there to answer your questions and provide information too.

Latest Article: Mental Health

The concept of mental health leaves most people to believe that it only applies to those with a mental illness.  This is not the case, however, as many underlying and outside factors can be a large contributor to everyone’s mental health.  While not all of us need the assistance of a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help us function in our daily lives, the idea of needing...

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