Health Effects of Smoking


Though smoking is one of the most desired and hugely practiced habits, the harmful health effects of smoking just cannot be missed. It has a slow burning quality that causes irreversible damage to the body. The ill effects become more pronounced in the long run and the lung area and throat area get mostly affected.

The affected body parts
To be precise, smoking harms nearly all the organs of your body and reduces your health in general. However, some of the most affected areas are lung, throat and heart. The tar build-up in the lungs and in the throat can cause cancer and makes breathing very difficult. Owing to the smoking, the normal oxygen level in the body diminishes and the heart has to overwork to supply the required amount. Thus, the heart rate of a smoker is much faster than that of a non-smoker.

Among young people, the health effects of smoking are more severe owing to the fact that their bodies are exposed to a mixture of 4000 chemicals (contained in one cigarette) at a tender age. Smoking also reduces one’s life span. A smoker lives a decade less than a non-smoker.

One of the most adverse health effects of smoking is the enhanced risk of lung cancer. Not only lung, but also your smoking habit could leads to other cancers including lip, oral, pharynx, esophagus, larynx, pancreas, cervix, bladder, and even kidney. The effects of smoking on the body can also include emphysema, heart attack, underweight newborn children, miscarriage, stroke, cataracts, and impotence.

Additional risk
Smoking often leads to other destructive habits like drinking, unprotected sex, drugs, etc. This aside, smokers have a hard time healing from surgeries and they have lower survival rate after surgery compared to non-smokers. Post surgery complications (like wound infection, post operation pneumonia, respiratory complications, etc.) are also more probable in case of a cigarette smoking man/ lady. Greater chances of suffering from periodontitis (a gum disease leading to teeth and bone loss) and peptic ulcer are also counted among adverse health effects of smoking.

However, the only good thing is that, when a person quits smoking the body begins to mend much of the damage that has been caused and the smokers’ probability of developing certain types of cancer and illnesses associated with smoking is greatly reduced.

So, quit cigarettes now, in order to get over the adverse health effects of smoking.

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