Health Food

Health food by definition is food that is all natural without any additives, colorings or preservatives. In other words, health food has not been manufactured. These days, you would be hard pressed to find food that has not been manipulated or created by food manufacturers … or so you would think. In actuality, you have a plethora of options when it comes to eating healthy.

Organically grown food such as fruits and vegetables are popular items in the health food department. In addition, any meat products that come from animals that have not be fed chemically enhanced foods such as free range chickens are also lumped into the health food category.

The benefits of health food are many. For the most part, eating foods that don’t have any additives or preservatives mean that you are less likely to encounter any strange food allergies. In addition, by eating all natural foods, your body chemistry won’t change either. Some people theorize that “enhanced” foods have a higher probability of causing illness and could even contribute to diseases like diabetes, cancer and even depression.

Health food is all natural. Without all the chemicals added from the manufacturing process, your body is more likely to properly absorb the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals your body needs. That alone is one of the major benefits of health food. If you or someone in your family has some sort of medical condition such as autism, ADD or ADHD, consider switching to an all health food diet free of those manufactured chemicals. Without those additives, you just might see some difference in those medical conditions within a few weeks or months.

Of course, before embarking on any diet, consult with your doctor first. Because of its growing popularity, you no longer have to rely on farmer’s markets or special organic whole foods places for health food. You can purchase it in your favorite neighborhood supermarket. Give your body a chemical break and try some health food today.

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