Health Lesson Plans

An old maxim runs: 'Health is Wealth'. Yes, our health is always our prime concern. Therefore, never ignore health education; it is necessary for the maintenance, promotion and restoration of health. One needs health lesson plans for bringing awareness to improve one's health conditions.

ealth education has been conveniently included in the curriculum of most schools. The health education system in the United States consists of a planned learning experience, which helps the children to get the required attitudes, understandings and practices concerning the critical health issues.

The ABC of health education
The health education for children includes respect and care for the human body and the vital human organs, the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, physical fitness and the effects of exercise on the body systems, nutrition and weight control, health misconceptions and quackery.

The health lesson plans also include the social, economic and scientific aspects of community and ecological health, sexual relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, disaster preparedness, choosing professional medical and health services, safety and driver education and choices of health careers.

Chalking out the health lesson plans is not at all an easy job. They should be developed by the teachers in such a way that the children are made ready for future health issues. The children must know the basics of being healthy. The children must also know what goes into the maintenance of fit minds and bodies. The teacher must keep in mind that the level of teaching is compatible with the age of the student.

The step by step approach to health education
The teacher should firstly teach the children about nutrition, as it is the most vital aspect of health education. The students should be taught about the four basic food groups and their functioning to keep the humans healthy.

The next step will be to provide health lesson plans on physical fitness and the importance of proper exercising in order to achieve a good health. The students must also know the different exercise techniques and what benefits they offer.

Other important lessons of health education
Depending on the age of the student, sex education has also become a part of the health lesson plans. Sex is a sensitive issue and so the teachers must be very careful when teaching about sex. Education regarding drug and alcohol abuse must also be incorporated in the health classes. The health classes should also provide training in CPR and First Aid. Lessons on dental health and tobacco prevention can also be provided.

The lesson plan kits make use of sound effects, graphics and lively animation. Always remember that health education classes should have the fun element present in them. This will make the students take a keen interest in the classes and enjoy them better.

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