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Sometimes it can be confusing reading all the updates in health news. One year eating eggs wasn’t good for you and then the next it is recommended to include eggs in your diet as a good source of protein. What can you do to stay on top of all these changing health news stories? Two of the most important things to look at is the source of the health news (is it reputable and well-known) and the second is the date – do you have the most recent information?

The reason health news is constantly changing is that there are a multitude of studies that are conducted at any one time. The purpose of these studies could be different (trying to prove different hypotheses) and the process they use to achieve the results will most likely be different too. One way to ensure the information is the best and the advice should be followed from health news is to consult with a doctor. Before you make a drastic change in your diet because of something you read, get your doctor’s thoughts on it. Not only will this ensure the information you received is accurate but your doctor will also be able to tell you if it is the right thing for you as an individual.

Health news is also full of warnings of different risk factors that can cause various diseases such as cancer. There are common sense ones – quitting smoking reduces the chances of getting lung cancer but there are also ones that bear double-checking with a health professional. If the link seems questionable to you, find a secondary (and trusted) source to collaborate the information you read in the health news. The same advice holds true for new treatments, don’t start a treatment program until you have the go ahead from your family doctor.

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