Health Nutritions

Temptation is just as far as your grocery food store shelves. Look at all those foods that are packed with salt, fat, preservatives and additives like food dyes. Do all of those things sound like a sound health nutrition eating plan? The reality is that most of these things make it onto you dinner table every day, sometimes under the guise of “healthy.”

Food manufacturers come up with new versions of foods that say “low in fat, low sodium” and much more. What they don’t want you to do is flip over to the food label and really read what you are eating. Chances are that they make a food low in fat and up the sugar or salt in the product to make it more palatable. These types of food wreck havoc on a health nutrition eating plan. Therefore, here are a few tips to get you started on a new way of eating:

1. Follow the food pyramid. This handy guide was created as a great tool for you to follow when devising a health nutrition eating plan.

2. Load up on the vegetables and fruits. Eating a lot of vegetables means that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals – an important facet of your health nutrition plan. When possible, eat at least a third of your daily allotment of veggies and fruits in the raw. When you cook vegetables, you lose some of those essential vitamins and minerals. Retain them by eating raw foods such as carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers and so much more.

3. Drink plenty of water. Water will help flush any toxins in your body as well as keep you hydrated. Best of all, it’s healthy and calorie free and a great addition to your health nutrition eating plan.

4. Substitutions are great. There is no need to deprive yourself of a plateful of pasta or rice. While products made with white flour are not as healthy, you can substitute them for whole wheat grain products. With most pasta dishes, you will not notice any flavor difference with whole wheat pasta and brown rice has a wonderful flavor that is a lot healthier than the alternative. Think of other substitutions for a good health nutrition eating plan.

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