Health Research

At the Children's Health Research Institute, scientists and associate scientists work together to bring about improvement in the condition of health of all infants, children and youth. These scientists are always busy studying the causes, treatments and long lasting effects of a particular ailment and they work hard in evolving and evaluating new and innovative therapies to treat complex diseases.

At the health research center, it is a fun to exchange information and feel the pleasure of a joint discovery. The researchers carry out biomedical, clinical, population and health policy research. Researches are done to increase the life span of the children.

The success of the Children's Health Research Institute depends on cohesive teams of basic and applied researches, which belong to different maternal and child health disciplines. When the researchers collaborate, they come up with improved diagnostics, parent care, drug therapies and new intersession curriculum. The five principal programs, which are conducted at the researchinstitute include:

Child Health and Well Being
Children's Optimal Therapeutics
Developmental Biology
Fetal and Newborn Health
Molecular Genetics

CHRI is considered as the world's most renowned pediatric research institute. The principal aim of the research institute is to give way to research findings and several discoveries resulting in healthy pregnancies, newborns, children and youth.

At the Children's Health Research Institute, the clinical research program involves a team of researchers who work in collaboration with a shared vision and a principal mission for providing utmost care to the children of Southwestern Ontario, Canada and different parts of the world.

A research center can only provide the best possible treatment when doctors and other health care providers are fully familiar with the art of diagnosing the ailment, making proper use of drugs in treating all childhood illnesses. The successes of the research works have brought unbound fame and recognition to all the scientists and researchers working in the field.

In today's world, when most infants are dying due to pneumonia, diarrhea, dehydration and under nutrition, the Children's Health Research Institute is performing remarkably in creating a difference and a transformation in the life of these little ones. The scientists of this exclusive health research institute are working relentlessly to keep the flame of life burning forever.

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