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There are a ton of health tips out there that focus in on certain aspects of your health and lifestyle. You can focus in on a particular condition or illness and find plenty of resources that tell you how to improve your life. However, sometimes, you just have to focus on the whole you. Take a more global approach and focus in on some of the health tips below:

1. Follow a balanced diet. You are what you eat so if you eating too many plates of fettuccini Alfredo or feast on Twinkies, guess what? You’ll get fat! Load up on plenty of water, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meat and dairy. Reacquaint yourself with the food pyramid.

2. Get plenty of sleep. No one thinks too much about sleep being a part of general health tips. However, how rested you feel really does affect practically everything that you do. Each person is different when it comes to a daily requirement of catching some zzz’s, so just be sure to get as much as you need to function well during the day.

3. Cut back on stress. Health tips often overlook this aspect. However, stress can affect so many things in your life from eating habits to your mood to your health itself. Exercise, meditation and vitamins and minerals can help you cut stress levels.

4. Wear sunscreen. Among general health tips, this one should be one of the first to be followed. Sunscreen can protect you from a variety of health issues including skin cancer.

5. Nix the bad habits. Bad habits can be excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, baking in a tanning bed and basically any thing that can be detrimental to you health. By cutting out drinking and smoking alone, you will add a few years to your life. Among the many health tips out there, kicking bad habits to the curb should rate high on the list.

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