Health Care

The health care industry is a billion dollar per year industry in the United States. Still, millions of Americans go without health care in this country because they cannot afford it. It is a crisis that has become the subject of hot debate among politicians and policy makers. In other nations, health care is often something that everyone is entitled to, particularly in places such as Canada and many European countries. This concept has sparked the debate in the United States over the importance of health care for everyone. While it is common knowledge that health care is generally expensive, it is also important that every individual have access to some kind of treatment when they need it. Because the costs of health care seem to constantly rise, it’s hard to offset this easily and still be able to provide it at a high quality rate.

The number of communicable diseases has increased over the last few decades, so health care is more important than ever. Education is a large part of helping to keep the need for serious health care down although there are other factors that cannot be helped such as aging. When looking at the larger picture, politicians are now focusing on the need for health care among the nation’s poor and unemployed. This number is fairly large, yet these people are not able to get the proper health care they need in order to become fully functioning members of our society. The debate goes on, and many feel that the only way the country will be able to get healthy as a whole is to provide affordable health care to every single American. This is certainly something to consider when looking at those countries who do have health care for all, and how they cope with the need for competent doctors and health care providers.

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