Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is still a highly controversial topic in many countries worldwide and also in every state in the United States. Since 1996 twelve states have legalized medical marijuana after many studies have been done to show the benefits that medicinal marijuana offers to patients that are going through chemotherapy, glaucoma patients, as well as chronic pain and it is also beneficial in appetite stimulation. There are many other states that are considering the legalization of medical marijuana after more and more studies are done that are uncovering more and more evidence of the benefits of medical cannabis, New Mexico has just legalized the medicinal use of marijuana and they are the twelfth state to have done this, and Minnesota is in the process of legalizing it as well. A recent study by a reputable science magazine shows the effects marijuana has on shrinking tumors and helping battle tumors before they start to grow. There are many other reputable medical organizations that are doing private studies of the usage of medical marijuana and as more and more of these are released many state governments are starting to see the benefits. Before too long medical marijuana will most likely be legalized and recognized by the federal government as a legitimate and safe treatment for terminally ill patients. There are many other private organizations and lobbyists as well as many politicians that understand and clearly see the benefits and they are putting pressure on the government as well. There are many other benefits of marijuana than just medicinal usage and it is a renewable resource that can have great and long lasting impacts on our country. There are also many shops that cater to people with illnesses that need medicinal cannabis and many of these are in the states that have legalized its medicinal usage.

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