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Men’s Health Week was founded in 1994 to increase awareness of men’s health issues and to campaign for men going to the doctor for regular screening and check-ups. On May 31, 1994 the National Men’s Health Week became a law signed by the President and has been observed annually ever since.

The activities and celebrations that occur every year during Men’s Health Week include participation from various levels of government, the media, and community programs. During the week, radio broadcasts, articles, and brochures are created and distributed. Campaigns are begun to encourage men to make appointments for a doctor’s appointment and get screened for various high-risk diseases or conditions that men suffer from.

There are many conferences that are held throughout the United States during Men’s Health Week. Many speakers are booked to educate the audience on the benefits of going to the doctor and that men’s health is a family concern – it can affect everyone. Some topics that are covered at these conferences are options for quitting smoking, statistics on men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and things that can be done to lower cholesterol.

Another way select health clinics celebrate Men’s Health Week is to hold drop-in clinics to encourage men to come in for an examination. Many large companies will go the extra step and bring doctors onsite for check-ups at work. This alleviates the concern of not having to take time off of work to go to the doctor when nothing is wrong. This benefits the companies too by ensuring their workers stay healthy.

The popularity of National Men’s Health Week has caught on and now there is an International Men’s Health Week. Men’s health is important and the world is taking notice to ensure men get the medical care and prevention that they need.

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