Men's Health

Mens health differs from womens health in many ways. There are similarities too; the biggest one is that the best thing that can be done to improve mens health is regular visits to the doctor. It is standing joke between husbands and wives that men do not go to the doctor unless it is serious – and even then it might be hard to get him into the doctor’s office.

Why is it so important to mens health to have regular health check-ups? Many of the more serious diseases (such as cancer) can be treated with a higher chance of a full recovery. The catch is the sooner any problem is detected the better. By having a thorough exam and by bringing any and all symptoms or changes to your doctor’s attention mens health can be preserved.

When men go to the doctor, not only is it important to discuss any bodily changes that have occurred in the last year but routine blood work should be ordered too. The information that can be obtained from blood results gives doctors a clearer view of what is going on in mens health. Cholesterol, glucose levels, and other routine tests will be studied.

Just as women are encouraged to create lists of questions to ask to bring to their doctor so should men. By writing down questions or concerns ahead of time and bringing the list to the doctor it is less likely it will be forgotten. Doctors want to do their best to improve mens health but they need the full-picture to do their job properly. Even if the annual appointment is a couple of weeks away right everything down and bring the list with you. A regular doctor visit once a year and throughout the year as needed is crucial to maintaining mens health.

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