Normal Blood Pressure

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When talking about normal blood pressure, it is important for you to know that blood pressure can be measured in two different ways. This two measurement types include Systolic Blood Pressure and Diastolic Blood Pressure. Blood pressure measured at a time when the heart is pumping out blood is known as Systolic Blood Pressure. On the other hand, when the blood pressure is measured between heartbeats or you can say when the heart is resting, it is known as Diastolic Blood Pressure.

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To measure blood pressure and to see whether it is normal or not, a device called Sphygmomanometer is used. This is a very familiar instrument, which contains an inflatable arm cuff along with a little air pump. After the machine records the measurement, you can easily read the Systolic pressure on the top or left side of the device and the Diastolic pressure on the bottom or the right side of the device. Both the levels of blood pressure are equally important and it is essential for you to keep them at a healthy level.

The normal blood pressure of a healthy adult should be 119/79. However, even if the pressure level ranges between 120/80 and 129/84, it is considered normal. When the level varies between 130/85 and 139/89, it is considered as high-normal blood pressure. When the pressure-level reads 140/90 or even higher, the matter should be immediately taken care of as this is referred to as high blood pressure and it can prove to be highly injurious to health.

You should never get your blood pressure checked early in the morning or immediately after a session of vigorous exercise or long distance walking. If you do so, you will never get the correct reading. Remember, you are not to drink caffeine or alcohol or indulge in smoking at least 30 minutes before getting your blood pressure checked. When your blood pressure is being measured, you should settle down in a comfortable position, relax your legs and arms and provide proper support to your back.

As long as you have normal blood pressure, you are safe, but in case you have hypertension or high blood pressure and hypotension or low blood pressure, you are certainly in a fix. Indications of high blood pressure will make you understand that you are suffering from underlying health problems. When you are disease-afflicted, you have high chances of suffering from either hypotension or hypertension. A normal blood pressure, on the other hand, proves that you are completely healthy with no signs of ailment whatsoever.

The aim of every healthy individual should be to maintain normal blood pressure. Factors like diet, exercise, physical conditions, stress, and tension can badly affect your level of blood pressure. Therefore, it is essential that you keep control over these aspects of life for a healthy existence and a normal blood pressure level.

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