Occupational Health

The term occupational health applies to all of us who are in the working world. Occupational health refers to the well being and safety of people on the job. While most of us think of these issues affecting people such as firefighters or construction workers, occupational health is something that all employees should be concerned with. The most common problems faced by workers are simple accidents such as slipping and falling. Exposure to harmful chemicals or waste, fire, or dangerous situations comes in second. Working in an environment that involves heavy or dangerous machinery, or electrical work are also high risk jobs that can cause injury or other problems. Those who work in an office are not immune to occupational hazards. Eye strain, back problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome are all issues related to this job field, as well as stress. It’s important for everyone to recognize the different occupational health issues that they face.

Most companies have a special person or department in charge of something called risk assessment or risk management. This person or group is responsible for analyzing potential occupational risks, and then is in charge of helping to educate workers to help prevent them from happening. Often theses safety leaders will help to train employees on new occupational health hazards and policies put in place to ensure everyone remains safe on the job. There are usually safety training meetings or updates for everyone at least once per month for many larger companies just to be certain all employees are aware of the risks at work. Sometimes tests are given to be sure everyone knows the correct information. When everyone knows what to look out for, how to follow safety procedures correctly and what to do in the event of an emergency, the odds of problems with injuries occurring on the job decreases significantly.

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