Oregon Health Plan

If you live in the state of Oregon and you are a United States citizen, you may be eligible to participate in the Oregon health plan.  This plan serves as a health insurance plan for those who may not otherwise be able to be covered.  There are some guidelines to keep in mind to see if you are eligible for the Oregon health plan, and there are different eligibility levels for different groups of people.  Generally speaking, these levels are determined by age, income, and your physical and/or mental condition at the time of application.  Some pregnant woman and children typically become eligible for the highest level of coverage.  Once you determine your eligibility, you can request an Oregon health plan application packet.  This packet must be filled out completely and honestly.  In addition, certain documents must be provided such as proof of income, proof of citizenship, any health insurance information, and a positive ID. If you are pregnant, you will need to also provide proof of pregnancy dated and signed by your medical provider.

The Oregon health plan covers many different services for those who are accepted after enrolling and approval.  Some of these include diagnostic tests to help determine sickness, regular medical and dental check ups, family planning, prenatal, and maternity care, prescription discounts and services, dental services, mental health treatment, and much more.  Of course, like any state program, there are some limitations as well.  There are areas of health care services that the Oregon health plan does not cover.  These include simple illness treatments such as the common cold, cosmetic surgeries and gender changes, weight loss programs, and fertility programs or services.  If you are a resident of Oregon and are in need of health care, ask about the Oregon health plan today to see if you qualify.

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