Health Insurance

The type of insurance where the insurer finances the medical cost of the insured in the event of unforeseen sickness due to covered causes or due to accidents is termed as health insurance.

The different types

There are different types of health insurance policies. Whether you take out only one type or a combination of policies will depend on your specific requirements and the maximum insurance cover needed.

Individual insurance is for people who do not have coverage through their family or employer. Medical supplement insurance is ideal for the aged who desire extra coverage to supplement what their Medicare will not cover.

Hospital income insurance consists daily expenditure arising out of hospitalization for a covered sickness or injury. Disability insurance comes in three varieties and it insures you against physical or mental disabilities caused by accidents or illness by providing you with living expenses when disability restricts you from earning a living.

The necessity

Some people who do not take out a health insurance thinking that they will never get sick or encounter accidents are not thinking wisely as human health is not naturally guaranteed. In such cases the uninsured may save by not paying insurance premium for the present but if they become sick or injured they will have to bear the total cost of the horrendous medical bills.

Even on a low income, provisions are to be made regarding a health insurance plan and it is possible to do this, as there are many affordable reliable health insurance available either from the government or from various private insurance companies.

A fee for service policy allows you to choose the consultants of your choice whereas under managed care option you are required to consult whichever doctor is chosen for you, which turns out cheaper and definitely better than having no health insurance. A personal insurance policy covers only one individual while a group policy covers the entire family, so depending on your needs you can choose what suits you.

While thinking about which type of health insurance suits you best, ask what kind of conditions the coverage includes, whether it covers for long tem care and transplants and to what extent the other family members are covered. Also your lifestyle conditions are to be considered like whether you are prone to certain illnesses, your smoking and alcohol intake as well as your work hours.

For small businesses, contacting the state health insurance department or joining an effective association offering group benefits for their members is a wise choice. Also you must be careful before taking out policies like hospital indemnity and dread disease as these do not provide adequate daily coverage and can be expensive while they cover particular illnesses.

Employers can provide more than one health insurance plan for little extra cost and improving employee satisfaction. Being aware of the rules and regulations governing health insurance and researching extensively is a good step to take before selecting your ideal health insurance plan.

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