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As health care costs continue to rise in the United States, millions of Americans are still without health care insurance. Some people avoid health insurance because they think they cannot afford it or because all the California health insurance options are confusing. But, not having health care for you and you family can be detrimental if an unexpected illness occurs.

Choosing the right plan is not always easy. Terms like PPO and HMO are confusing for those that are not exactly sure what they offer to the individual. While you are probably concerned with the cost of California health insurance, you need to remember that quality and continuity of care is important as well. With HMOs (health maintenance organizations), you pay a set monthly fee. However, when you go to visit the doctor, you will have to play very little deductible. The downside to HMOs is you usually have to choose a doctor from their approved physicians list. If you are already using a doctor, he or she may or may not be on the HMOs list. With PPOs (preferred provider organizations), you get to choose your own doctor. But you usually have a higher deductible and you have to pay the doctor costs up front, then you are reimbursed by the PPO at a later date.

If you are self-employed, work for an employer that does not provide any type of California health insurance, or are retired, it can be especially hard to choose a plan. You want good coverage, but all the payment is coming out of your pocket, so you want something good, but that is inexpensive. It may benefit you to enlist the services of a health insurance broker. A broker knows the California health insurance market well and while you will have to pay him, you may save money in the long run if he can find you good, inexpensive insurance.

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