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The unabated rise in health costs makes health insurance essential, especially for emergency cases like major illnesses and accidents. Many unwisely avoid insurance hoping to escape from such disasters. Actually, it is the high premium, which drives most people away from insurance. For them there is cheap health insurance.

How do I benefit?

Although it offers limited benefits, for the cost conscious, they are good alternatives offering adequate health cover at reasonable rates. Cheap health insurance comes in a variety of plans and cover doctor’s, medicine and hospitalization expenses. Eye care, dental and other medical expenses are also covered. In most cases, preventive care is not covered.

Where do I get cheap health insurance?

There are many companies offering cheap insurance and choosing one can be difficult for a layperson like you. You can take the help of the state sponsored Medicaid program, the Internet and the local insurance agencies. The insurance agent on the field is a good resource.

What kinds of plans are there?

For the budget minded, the low risk indemnity plan is the ideal. You pay coinsurance amounts and certain deductibles. These are flexible plans which can be modified to suit your needs. They provide low quality cover but are adequate for the cost conscious.

In this category there are mainly two types of cheap health insurance plans. These are The Health Maintenance Organizations or HMO and Preferred Provider Organization or PPO.

HMO: Here you pay a monthly premium to cover yourself and your family for doctors, surgery, hospitalization, emergency, lab tests, x-rays and therapy expenses. Your choice of doctors is limited to those having agreements with the HMO.

PPO: This plan covers most expenses including preventive care. For some services there may be a coinsurance and deductible. In this plan, you can choose your own doctor but bear the major portion of the expenses. The plan suits those who want to continue with their own doctor even after joining PPO.

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