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If you live in Colorado and need to purchase Colorado health insurance, you need to know a little information about the plans available to you. It is possible to find affordable, comprehensive coverage if you do your homework.

What types of Colorado health insurance plans are available? If you are employed by a company, the chances are good they will offer you some type of health insurance plan. If you see terms like HMO and PPO, don’t let them confuse you. HMO stands for health maintenance organization. HMOs were designed to create a network of providers. By having a contract with an HMO, health care professionals can receive more patients by agreeing to provide the services at lower rates. Either you or your employer will need to pay a monthly premium, then when you visit your physician (usually chosen from a list provided by the health insurance provider), you may be required to pay a nominal fee (such as $25).

PPO (preferred provider organization) are managed healthcare systems that also offers great discounts to clients because of a network. However, with a PPO plan, you can choose the doctor you wish to visit, but are encouraged to visit doctors within the PPO system. You are also required to pay the doctor, clinic, or hospital for its services, and then the PPO reimburses you at a later date once all the paperwork has been submitted and approved.

If you need Colorado health insurance because you have recently been laid off work, you may qualify for COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. COBRA states that anyone terminated may continue insurance coverage for themselves and their family by paying their own premiums until they can get other health care coverage.

If you are a student in Colorado, you can look into purchasing student Colorado health insurance. This can be purchased through a health insurance company, but often the college or university you are attending will offer coverage to students.

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