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If you are looking for Georgia health insurance, you may wonder what type of plans are available. There are individual health insurance plans that can cover a person or a family on one plan. This type of insurance is primarily used by people who work for a company that doesn’t offer any type of insurance plan. An individual health insurance plan can be costly, but it is better than no insurance at all. One serious injury or illness can ruin your family finances if you don’t have any type of insurance plan.

Many people work for a company that offers some type of Georgia health insurance. Some offer group insurance. Group insurance is a policy that covers a group of people. It is cheaper for the employer to offer this type of insurance to employees and because it is a group of people, there is no need for physical exams or even health history questionnaires to be completed. This type of insurance does not necessarily have to be purchased through your employer. In fact, you may be a member of an organization, chambers of commerce, church, or club that can offer you group insurance.

Your Georgia health insurance may be a HMO, which stands for health maintenance organization. HMOs are a type of managed healthcare. You pay a fixed monthly fee then for a minimal co-payment, you receive medical care and often are able to get prescription drugs as well. The HMO lets you pick a primary care physician (PCP) from a list of those that participate.

You may have heard the term PPO when talking about Georgia health insurance. PPOs are similar to HMOs, but with a PPO, you pay for the treatment, and then are reimbursed by the PPO at a later date. You also don’t have to pick a doctor from a list – you can chose to visit any doctor you wish.

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