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Picking your health insurance company can be a big decision. You want a health insurance company that is reliable and trustworthy when you are in need of medical care. Almost 70% of all medical bills are now covered by the health insurance company of the individual being treated. Most people are able to get at least some type of health insurance through their employer. Those who are unemployed or self-employed may be insurance through a group plan that can be purchased through an organization, church, or chamber of commerce. Some people are eligible for Medicare, the national health care program provided for the elderly and those that are disabled.

In 1996, studies show that over 187 million people had health insurance through some type of health care company. Even companies often offer you several choices in health insurance. The first thing you need to ask yourself is “what type of coverage do I need?” Some people go with the cheapest health insurance to save money, but if they need more coverage than they are paying for, they will be paying a lot of out of pocket money. Do you already visit a doctor that you like? You need to check to see if the health insurance company you are looking at offers a plan that allows you to visit the doctor of your choice.

Some plans require you to choose from a list of doctors. Do you have some type of condition, which might require seeing a specialist? Some plans require you to first go to a primary care physician to have him refer you to a specialist and some plans don’t even cover specialize care at all. What type of emergency and hospital care is covered in the plan offered by the health insurance company? Even if you have never visited the ER or stayed in the hospital, you want this coverage. Without it, one injury or accident could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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