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Health insurance leads are for agents and brokers who are looking for customers who are requesting health care insurance. Someone may see a commmerical on television, visit a web site, and request a particular type of insurance. Health insurance leads are usually sought by two types of agents and brokers: Those who want fresh leads and those who want to buy health insurance leads at a discount, even if they are a few days old. Most companies that sell health insurance leads are willing to provide for both types of clients.

Most of the time, a person or web site offering health insurance leads will not require a minimum or maximum purchase. The payment for the health insurance leads is due when they are purchased. Of course, the fresher the lead, the more the health insurance lead will cost. Some companies offer a guarantee that leads are any older then a certain amount of days, such as three.

You are also offered a wide variety of leads from which to choose. This means you can pick the health insurance leads for which you are looking. You can determine your own criteria when you are selecting health insurance leads, including state, income range, health, etc. What drives the price for many health insurance leads is the market. While some areas of the country can command a premium price, some do not. Therefore, leads in certain geographical areas may be lower than those in other areas.

There are two types of health insurance leads: exclusive and shared. Some areas have such a demand, that health insurance leads in that area are available on a shared basis. That means that a number of different agents may be able to have them up for sale. This situation calls for a first-come first-serve basis. Whoever buys the lead first will be able to contact a potential client. Exclusive health insurance leads are not shared among agents.

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