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You find yourself without health insurance. You want to find medical coverage, but you need to compare plans to find one that you can afford, yet also gives you the coverage you need. What do you do? Ask for a health insurance quote.

A health insurance quote is offered by a health insurance company or health insurance broker. These can often be found online or you can visit or call a health insurance company and ask for a quote. A health insurance quote allows you to see exactly what an insurance company will charge you based on things such as your age, certain physical characteristics (such as if you smoke or if you are overweight), your location, and gender. Based on a few questions such as these, insurance companies will provide you with a health insurance quote – what you would be expected to pay – for health insurance. Some online sites will even compare different company premiums for you, based on the information you enter.

A few things to keep in mind when looking for a health insurance quote is:

  • Do you need long term or short-term coverage?
  • Are you looking for basic coverage or something more comprehensive?
  • Do you want the insurance company to cover you charges up front or are you comfortable with them reimbursing you at a later date?
  • Do you want to pay a high premium each month or pay a higher co-payment/have higher deductibles?
  • Do you need access to specialists or just primary care physicians?
  • What is the most you could pay if you suffered a serious injury?

All these questions are very important when you receive a health insurance quote because insurance companies offer different plans. Finding the best policy for you is not impossible, but it may take a little time and research on your part.

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