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Health insurance provides coverage to a policyholder’s medical treatments. It pays the policyholder a negotiated percentage of the total medical costs incurred. Without a health insurance it would be rather difficult for you to obtain a good health care. If you think, you seriously need medical assistance; you will definitely require a medical insurance.

When you have made a decision to get a health insurance done, the first thing that you should understand is the various health insurance quotes.

In US, private companies provide health insurance, whereas in Sweden, England, France, Norway and Canada, the government reimburses the hospitals and the doctors.

The three basic health insurance quotes in the United States

Self-Insured/Uninsured: This type of health insurance allows you to have health insurance or no insurance, but requires you to pay the total insurance premium. About 30% of the entire US population has this type of health insurance.

Indemnity Plans: If you are armed with this health insurance, you can acquire medical assistance whenever you need it. Remember, this is the most expensive medical insurance and enables you to seek medical assistance as often as required without any restrictions.

Managed Care Plans: There are basically three categories for this type of health insurance:

The prepaid plans of “Health Maintenance Organizations” (HMO) requires you to pay a fixed monthly fee without considering the amount of medical assistance needed in a particular month. The HMO renders its medical services to hospitalization, surgery and even office visits. You are advised to remain within the network for making use of the services.

The “Point of Service” (POS) plans are a kind of managed healthcare system, which permits you to pay no deductible. You only pay a small co-payment for using a healthcare provider in your network. Just choose a primary care physician within the network for all the referrals. Take care never to go outside the POS network for healthcare, as it will subject you to deductibles and excess charges.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) are the groups of hospitals and doctors who provide medical assistance to the particular groups only. As a member, you have to pay for the services but will be reimbursed for the cost of the treatment by the PPO sponsor.

When choosing from the health insurance quotes, you have to determine your personal condition, your preferences and your capability to pay and only then decide which one will be suitable for you. Though choosing from the different health insurance quotes require a lot of time, it is quite essential for all of us, and needs to be obtained before deciding on the insurance provider.

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