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The other name for health insurance short term is temporary health insurance. Short-term health insurance lessens the peril of an unanticipated occurrence in the middle of a transitional period. However, for this you have to keep a continuous coverage and prevent your health insurance coverage from lapsing.

Health insurance short term plans are reasonable options for they include comprehensive major medical plans without any sort of pricey extra benefits. Short-term health insurance is best for students because they are definitely in need of cheap health insurance policies so that they can acquire the coverage in an easy and inexpensive manner.

Online health insurance short term policies can be obtained within a couple of days and even hours. For short term health insurance you do not need to pass any medical exam. More or less, all insurance companies provide online quoting for every individual and short term health insurance plans.

There is no doubt that short term coverage is cheap, but it is essential for you to shop around and get hold of a well reputed insurance company. According to your requirements, short term health insurance policy lasts for 6 to 12 months. You are well protected by this temporary friend when you have no other health insurance coverage to support you.

When does health insurance short term policies come to your help?

When you are a college student and you are no longer covered by your parent's policies
In between jobs
When you are a part-time or a temporary employee

Short term health insurance is also there to present you a low-cost secondary option to COBRA coverage.

The cost of health insurance short term policies are generally low as they are essentially not meant for regular working people but students and part time job holders. The best part of this plan is when there is a change in the circumstance you can drop the coverage if you don't need it any longer.

The coverage provided by health insurance short term policies

Inpatient and outpatient treatments and procedures
Doctor’s visit
Dental care
Several hospitalization charges
Vision care
Discounts on prescription medications

However, short term health insurance policies will not cover pre-existing conditions and preventive care.

Health insurance short term plans are specifically meant for sudden accidents or illnesses. These plans are not devoid of benefit limits, in which case you are required to cover an initial deductible and make co-payments. As you come to possess a short term health insurance policy, you get the option to select your preferred doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.

The coverage of your short term health insurance plan begins soon after the insurer receives your application and after you have made your first premium payment. The applications can either be mailed or they can also be forwarded online. The payments you make can be done both through check and credit card.

Therefore, live life to the fullest with health insurance short term policy.

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