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The health insurance plans intended for a short-term are insurance medical temporary plans; these plans are valid for limited period of time. In this type of insurance, the insurer will cover the medical expenses of the insured for the period of his/her ill health brought on by sickness or some accidents.

In most of the cases, the coverage of the short-term medical insurances excludes the routine preventive care such as immunizations or physical care. These insurances only provide coverage in the cases of accidents and sudden illnesses.

The insurance medical temporary can provide health care coverage during the transitional time of your life when you have no medical coverage. Such a medical insurance can be quite beneficial, especially if you are a recent graduate, or on strike, between jobs, laid off or looking for a permanent medical coverage.

How To Apply For Insurance Medical Temporary Plans

The process of applying for the temporary medical insurance plans is short and uncomplicated. You can go for an online application; online applications are, often times, approved within 24 hours and then you can avail the insurance cover from the next day onwards. These temporary medical insurance plans are proposed on per month basis. Usually the coverage lasts for six to twelve months; however, in certain exceptional cases it can be extended to some 36 months.

Eligibility For Insurance Medical Temporary Coverage

Those of you who have some or the other pre-existing limitation would normally find it difficult to get medically insured on a temporary-basis. There are companies that keep out athletes or people who are highly vulnerable to injuries. Temporary insurance plans also rule out medical benefits/services for pregnant women under their plan.

Normally, the age to apply for such insurance is under 65 years; children below 19 years are eligible as are full-time students below 25 years.


There are many benefits attached to insurance medical temporary plans – you have the choice of selecting any hospital or doctor that you prefer. In incidences such as an accident, an unforeseen sickness or an emergency, such an insurance plan can be of great relief to you.

There are plenty of options providing both medical and dental coverage or either of the two. Apart from this, you can also avail prescription coverage. Moreover, you can access deductible scheme for yourself as well as your family.

Since the medical expenses are soaring, a temporary insurance can provide you good medical coverage during urgencies. The temporary plan allows constant coverage and fills the gaps between the long-term plans. Therefore, those of you who are intending to plan for short-term contingencies can opt for an insurance medical temporary plan.

Before finalizing on the medical insurance, however, you must read through the terms and conditions of the policy cautiously. Also evaluate the benefits and exclusions of different companies and then decide which insurance medical temporary plan would meet your requirements best.

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