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You buy a short term medical insurance to bridge the gap while you are waiting for your usual medical insurance coverage to begin once again. A short term insurance provides coverage for say one month to one year.

You need a short term medical insurance policy to fill the gap created when you,

Graduate from college
Plan to change your job/profession
Waiting for your group coverage to start.

In all cases, short-term health insurance plans only cover accidents and unanticipated ailments. However, if you are suffering from a long time disease, it will not be covered by a short term health or medical policy.

COBRA is a kind of short term medical insurance plan. COBRA is a government regulated insurance option which helps in increasing the extent of your employer sponsored medical insurance until and unless you obtain a new medical insurance policy. COBRA is the best to buy especially when you are not willing to go for another short term insurance plan.

Short term medical insurance plans are meant for people less than 65 years of age. A short-term health insurance policy is also a part of an “indemnity” plan. Such an option gives you the independence to select your preferred physician. The coverages provided by this policy include costs of surgery, hospital care, emergency services, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs and follow-up office visits.

Short term health insurance plans also come with sub-limits and specific conditions. The policies may also offer limited mental health care. As the cost of this particular medical insurance is low, it does not include routine preventive cares including physiological examinations, immunizations and PAP tests.

Recently short term medical insurance plans are gaining popularity due to their low monthly cost, high limits for coverage, and hasty purchase procedure. This health insurance option is obtainable in both individual short term health insurance and group short term health insurance.

Nowadays, some short-term health insurance companies offer credit card payment schemes. A short term health insurance plan is affordable and thus it is very popular with students who are in need to obtain coverage in the most inexpensive and easy manner. In case of short term medical insurance plan, you do not need to go through medical examinations.

Like all other medical insurance plans, a short term health insurance policy too comes with several limitations and exclusions. So, when you decide to go for a short term insurance plan, make sure to go through its limitations well before taking any decision.

Almost all short-term medical insurance companies offer online quoting, but it is best if you shop around to pick up the most reliable and profitable short term medical insurance plan.

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