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If you are the parent of a college student who is no longer covered under your insurance plan, you may wonder if they need student health insurance. After all, we usually think of people in their late teens and early 20’s as being very healthy. But, what if your child is in an accident, is diagnosed with a disease or he or she contracts a debilitating illness? Any one of these situations could ruin your family financially, so why take a chance with your family finances.

Most college students who are enrolled in college for at least nine credit hours are eligible to apply for student health insurance. There are plans for those enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate school. Usually, plans will require that the student attend an accredited college or university. In some cases, the college itself may provide student health insurance as either a part of the tuition or something supplemental for which a student may apply if needed. This may be a group insurance plan, where the school or an organization within the school offers health or travel insurance to the students. Because it is a group plan, it is usually more affordable than traditional insurance plans and you will not need to take a physical or fill out a health questionnaire.

Other types of plans available include short-term medical insurance for students who are studying in the United States for up to a year, international student health plans for both non-US and US citizens, and travel insurance for students who are only traveling outside the US for a brief period of time.

When you start looking at plans for your college age child, be sure to read all that is available with the plan. Some may offer only hospitalization while some will also offer doctor visits. Some may or may not include dental and vision visits. If you want those included in the student health insurance plan, you may find your premiums (the monthly amount you pay) is higher.

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