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Many people who have health insurance may not have enough to cover their entire medical costs. A supplemental health insurance plan can cover the costs not normally covered by their primary health insurance plan. Some plans may not fully cover hospital coverage, but if you purchase supplemental health insurance, you do not have to worry about making any out of pocket payments. In some cases, those who are planning to travel outside the United States can benefit from supplemental health insurance because your own domestic health insurance plan may not extend its coverage to overseas. If you are a member of a HMO plan at work, but that does not cover your visits to a doctor that are not in their network of providers, a supplemental plan can keep you from paying for your doctor visits. Some health insurance plans cover visited a primary care physician, but they don’t cover dental or optical insurance. These are just as important to your health as anything else, so you may want to consider purchasing a supplemental health insurance plan for these two areas. That will pay for your dental visits as well as your visits to the optometrist and some even pay for your eyeglasses or contact lens.

The elderly who have Medicare too find that it often does not cover their entire medical cost. Often being on a fixed income means that they do not have extra money to pay out of pocket medical expenses. There are 12 standardized Medicare supplemental health insurance plans. These plans offer different combinations of benefits. Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care services, private duty nursing care, most dental care, health care received outside the United States, routine foot care, and routine eye care or hearing aids. Because of this, it is good for elderly people to have some type of supplemental health insurance that will pay for these types of services for which Medicare will not pay.

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