Temporary Health Insurance

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Temporary health insurance plans are great for certain situations. It is normally used to fill a gap while you are waiting to get long term coverage from another source. For example, if you are between jobs, you may temporarily need coverage, but only on a short term basis – until you find a new job that offers health insurance coverage. If you recently graduated from college, you may need a temporary health insurance plan while you are looking for a job. Sometimes, employers are in the process of getting medical insurance set up. In this case, you want temporary health insurance to cover you until your employer provided insurance kicks in. If you are a seasonal or temporary worker, temporary insurance can come in handy. And finally, if you are traveling outside the United States briefly, you may want to look at getting temporarily health insurance if your normal health care coverage does not apply outside the United States. If you already have a health insurance provider, check with them first to see if they will cover any medical expenses incurred outside the country.

Temporary health insurance plans can run anywhere from 30 days to 180 days. You may be able to spread out the premiums out into monthly payments or some companies may allow you to pay for the entire period in one single payment.

Unfortunately, some individuals may not be eligible for temporary health insurance. Those who have not resided in the United States for more than 12 months may find it hard to get temporary health insurance. You may also have trouble getting such a plan if you have been denied an individual health insurance plan in the past, for whatever reasons. People who are 65 and eligible for Medicare may be turned down when applying for temporary health insurance as might someone who is pregnant when they apply.

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