Acne Skin Care

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Acne has been plaguing people, especially teenagers, for a very long time. Hieroglyphics tell us that several pharaohs suffered from this malady and the word “acne” itself comes from an ancient Greek word that means “point” or “peak.”

Fortunately for today’s acne sufferer, the acne skin care treatment options seem a little more civilized than some of those used on pimples of old.

There are several forms of acne and each form will respond to a specific treatment more readily than the others.

Before deciding which acne skin care regimen is best, it helps to know that acne isn’t caused by dirt, lack of cleanliness, or poor hygienic habits at all. Genetics play an important role in who does or does not develop acne. A family history of the condition indicates a strong likelihood of developing it.

Hormonal activity, including the onset of menses and puberty, may trigger an outbreak, as will stress, scratching, certain medications and steroid use, dry skin, and bacteria. Diet may play a role in the severity of acne and dietary changes have been known to clear up a case of acne.

If dead skin cells accumulate without being sloughed away naturally, an effective acne skin care might include chemical exfoliating agents that will have a peeling effect on the top layer of the skin. This peeling isn’t visible or unsightly since it takes place on a microscopic level. Mechanical exfoliating agents should be avoided as they can aggravate any skin irritations already present.

Benzoyl peroxide is an effective part of acne skin care on two levels. It unplugs the pores, which can then release the trapped sebum inside, and it kills the acne-causing bacteria that may be present in these blocked pores.

Antibiotics, used orally or topically, will also work to eliminate the bacteria causing the acne but they are not intended for long-term use. Often the acne will return once the antibiotic treatment is stopped.

Hormone supplements can clear up blemishes. Women can take low-dose oral contraceptives and either gender can usually get relief from cortisone injected directly into a particular spot.

Other treatment options include retinoids, light therapy, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, heat, and even laser treatments.

With any acne skin care regimen, patience is a virtue. Long-term treatment and lifestyle changes are required as it will most likely take several weeks to see the first signs of improvement of the condition and the best, most lasting, results may take several months of regular treatment.

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