Acne Treatment

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Acne is such a state of the skin when pimples or spots appear rampantly and hence acne treatment is very much essential for the maintenance of a rosy complexion and unblemished skin. Although acne makes its appearance mainly during puberty owing to hormonal changes, it is seen in case of adults, too. The spots or pimples, ranging from black heads to red nodules, are seen on areas like chest, arm, back and most commonly, the face.

Acne Types And Acne Treatment

Before going for any kind of acne treatment, it is imperative for you to obtain proper information from medical professionals in order to rule out the possibility of being misguided. Firstly, know the kind of acne you are suffering from before trying any remedy. There are three different categories of acne – mild, moderate and severe; the management of each of these stages varies significantly.

Acne is mild when pimples just start making appearance. During this phase, you need to wash the area twice daily, with a mild sulphur-based soap and use over-the-counter medications. For mild acne there are several types of over the counter medication that are available in forms like astringents, soaps, face washes and creams that you leave on your face. Most of these acne-care products contain salicylic acid, sulphur or Benzoyl Peroxide. (Benzoyl Peroxide is most popular in acne treatment and is available at various strength levels starting from 2.5%).

In the moderate stage, the pimples (blackheads, white heads and comedones) cover almost half of the face and you should consult a dermatologist to get hold of the situation.
Acne is severe when the pimples and the zits become deep, inflamed and cyst-like and aggressive form of acne treatment must be meted out to them.

Dermatologists generally administer a combination therapy of physical treatment (like extraction or light therapy) and prescription treatment (like antimicrobial or retinoid cream). Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives and they help in the removal of spots. Mynocyline, Tetrinoin (Retin A), tetracycline and Accutane are some other prescribed medicines for acne treatment. For women, some of the contraceptive pills like Dianette help in curing the acne problem.

In the severe stage of acne, treatment may also require drainage techniques and surgical incision (or acne surgery). Other treatments like injections of corticosteroids can also be used. Laser treatments like light laser, YAG laser or carbon di-oxide laser can be helpful too, in curing acne as well as removing the scar. You can also resort to natural remedies for your acne-care regimen. Oil-free diet, exercise and cleanliness are the key factors in this case.

Finally, if you want to cure your acne scars, you can try out home chemical peels or doctor administered chemical peels. Chemical peeling will remove the top layer of the skin and thus remove the spots.

Acne is not a trivial problem, more so, because it is depressing for the individual who is suffering from it. If you are depressed about your sporadic acne breakouts, see a dermatologist and resort to the right acne treatment option now so that you can have a smooth and glowing complexion. Of course, you will have to have patience for none of the acne treatment options effects any improvement in the acne condition before six to eight weeks.

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