Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a condition quite complicated and disabling. Moreover, you cannot overcome the condition with complete bed rest and comfort. A constant fatigue condition can ruin your physiological and psychological status thus making you feel more sick and worn out. No one exactly knows what causes chronic fatigue. This ailment can neither be measured not can it be treated well. It extremely affects your physiological stability.

After you have cold or viral syndrome you have all possible chance to suffer from a prolong fatigued condition. Stress can also make you feel extremely tired and exhausted. When you suffer from acute fatigue syndrome you find it difficult to concentrate on things and you have painful joints, muscles and lymph nodes.

Chronic fatigue syndrome hampers your normal daily activities. This condition can last more than six months. It is very difficult to identify an acute fatigue condition. Most people do not want to accept chronic fatigue as a kind of ailment. However, a proper interaction with the physician can improve conditions of prolong fatigue condition.

Some of the usual symptoms of chronic fatigue

A pain in the head
Sore throat
Tender and painful areas inside your neck or armpits
A kind of muscle soreness which cannot be explained
A kind of pain that goes on moving from one joint to another without causing redness and swelling
Inability to memorize or concentrate
Trouble in sleeping and extreme tiredness

How can doctors treat conditions of chronic fatigue syndrome

First, the doctors try to detect the cause of the condition. He reviews the symptoms, goes through the medical history and then asks you to give a physical test. Symptoms of this disease can be treated with medicines but the disease itself cannot be cured with drugs. The condition can only improve with time and patience.

Doctors combine several treatment options to ease a condition of chronic fatigue. The ways by which the condition of acute fatigue syndromes are controlled and treated are

Gradual but steady exercise
Treatment for existing pain
Treating conditions of low blood pressure or hypotension
Treating problems of the nervous system
Treating several allergy like symptoms
Taking care of psychiatric problems
Making essential life style changes

What can you do to help yourself get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome

You should identify your feelings and attempt to express them
You must grieve for the energy which has left you
Are you suffering from loss of memory and poor concentration due to chronic fatigue? If so, then make a list and keep reminding yourself of important things in life. Deal with activities where you need to concentrate more. If you can do so then you can surely improve your level of concentration
Check your daily routine and see that at which time of the day you have the maximum amount of energy. Plan your activities especially at those hours.
Take medicines to sleep better. This may improve your ability to memorize and concentrate
Exercise your body according to your ability. Don't go for something which is more than what you can afford
You may seek for help from your friends and family and you can even join support groups or counseling within the community. With emotional support you can best proceed in life. Your doctor too may help you a lot in combating the disease

Some medicines required for treating acute fatigue can cause tremendous side effects and thus it should be handled according to the suggestions given by the physician. Therefore, you have to be very careful not to invite any additional problem when trying to combat cases of chronic fatigue syndromes.

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